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Eviction (a.k.a. Unlawful Detainer)

Do you have a tenant that is not paying rent or in violation of a residential or commercial lease agreement?  In California, defaulting tenants must be removed through a court process called "unlawful detainer."  An unlawful detainer is an eviction action that is relatively short in process.  The California statutes on unlawful detainer deem the eviction process a "summary proceeding" - a proceeding designed to move quickly and efficiently.  As a result, a landlord should receive rent from its tenant or the court will turn over the premises to the landlord.

Because unlawful detainer/eviction actions are designed to be a short process, landlords are given very little leeway to make mistakes.  More specifically, defects in documents or pleadings such as a "Three-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit" may result in a dismissal of an unlawful detainer/eviction action.  To avoid the delay and costs of filing multiple unlawful detainer/eviction actions and to achieve a speedy resolution, consult the eviction attorneys at the Goodrich Law Corporation today.     

For a reasonable fee, the eviction attorneys at the Goodrich Law Corporation will help you prepare or file:

  • Three-Day Notices to Quit or Pay Rent
  • Thirty-Day Notices of Breach of Lease Covenant
  • Thirty-Day Notices of Lease Termination
  • Complaints in Unlawful Detainer - Eviction

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