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The Goodrich Law Corporation has years of experience assisting individuals and businesses in collecting debt in Southern California.  Unlike other litigation firms, the Goodrich Law Corporation helps its clients review the potential assets of a debtor before instituting collection lawsuits.  The reason behind this policy: collection of a judgment is not economically feasible in all situations.  If a person or entity lacks assets, it is not worthwhile to spend money to obtain a judgment which will never bear financial fruit. 

In the event pre-litigation collection efforts do not result in payment, the Goodrich Law Corporation has extensive knowledge and experience in collection law and collection litigation.  We know the law and will spend our time pursuing a resolution of your collection efforts instead of billing you for learning the law at your expense.  Our expertise will save you time and money.  More importantly, we'll obtain the results that you want in an expedited manner.  We are aggressive negotiators!

Please be advised that it is imperative that an individual or entity pursue its rights and remedies under California law before such rights are foreclosed by law.  For example, certain debts are technically not collectible after 2 years. As a result, you must file a lawsuit for collection of debt before the statute of limitations expires.  If, however, judgment is entered in your favor, your judgment will be enforceable for 10 years and, at the conclusion of the 10-year period, your judgment can be renewed for another 10-year period.

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What happens once you have obtained a judgment against an individual or business?   Unfortunately, parties who win a case do not collect the money awarded to them like a person collects his or her winnings from the state lottery.  Collection of a judgment is a complex and time consuming process.  Nevertheless, the implementation of the collection mechanisms provided by California law can result in recovery of damages, attorney's fees and costs.

The Goodrich Law Corporation can assist you or your business in collecting on its judgment.

Judgment collection can be an effective tool in directly obtaining money owed on a judgment or by leveraging a party into a repayment structure that ensures you are paid the money you are awarded by the court.  The Goodrich Law Corporation can provide you or your business with the leverage necessary to force an individual or business to pay your judgment. 

To use the law process to its fullest, the Goodrich Law Corporation offers legal assistance by using collection laws to garnish wages, levy money in active bank accounts and attach liens on real property (which requires that your lien be paid in full before the property may be sold to another person or entity).  Collectively, the collections laws arm judgment creditors with multiple, yet neglected tools to recover their judgments.  With the professional assistance of an attorney from the Goodrich Law Corporation, your judgment will be aggressively collected.

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